viaje de Bahrein hasta Beirut
fui desde el Norte hasta el polo sur
y no encontre ojos asi
como los que tienes tu


I found the perfect distance between my body and you… and that is no distance, dear if that’s alright with you.. 💕

if you’re reading this we’re now in a relationship love you babe

Shailene & Theo at ‘Divergent’ LA Premiere (3/18/2014)


3/50 MUSIC VIDEOS: empire - shakria

And the stars make love to the universe”

“I want to marry him [Piqué]. He’s the one.” — Shakira (via wheneverwherevershakira)


like i respect shakira’s opinion on marriage but if her and pique ever get married i’d flip the fuck out & fly to barcelona or colombia or wherever & crash their wedding like damn i’d be so happy :’)

Gerard and Milan Pique on La Diada Nacional de Catalunya 2014